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Digital Hot Foiling (TRF/Sleeking)

Digital Foiling or ‘toner relief foiling’ (TRF) sometimes referred to as ‘sleeking’ - is a relatively new process and only a few UK Companies have installed this type of process.

It is simple in the way it works in that the foil is applied to areas of ‘digitally printed toner’ as the toner is silicon based, heat from the rollers melts the toner sufficiently to allow special TRF foils to be applied at precise temperatures and pressures.

Ideally suited for short to medium run lengths, Invites, Business Cards, Stationery, Wedding Materials, booklets, cards etc….

The principle advantages are:

1. No need for Hot Metal Foiling Blocks which can prove expensive and can take 2-3 days to get made by specialist suppliers

2. Speed, 400-600 sheets per hour can be processed,and up to SRA3 (450mm x 320mm) allowing for ganging up, e.g. A6 postcards can be foiled 8up, so potentially 3,200+  items can be foiled per hour single sided, with one foil

3. Over foiling on to pre-printed sheets
This can be done with litho print & letterpress (providing no spirit based seal has been applied)
It can be done with digital print, but if the image overlaps the printed areas a soft touch heat resistant laminate has to be applied first.

4. Spot Gloss UV Effect Foils (and Matt Foil) can be applied to digitally printed elements, again if over foiling a laminate has to be applied between the processes.

5. Digital foiling can like conventional foiling, be applied to almost any coloured or special stocks, even blacks


Digitally foiling does not replace conventional Hot Metal Foil Stamping, as there are certain applications can only use conventional foiling.
The max weight of material that can be digitally foiled is at this stage limited by the thickness our Fusion Digital Press can print on, currently which is currently 380gsm.
Some heavily textured boards are also not suitable as it is difficult to get the toner to sit evenly in the grain of the stock.

Limited range of foils, although the main foils such as Matt & Satin Gold's, Silver’s, Copper’s are readily available along with Holographic and special foils, and pigments such as Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White and Black .

New Digital Grade foils are being released all the time, please call if you have particular preference.

Whether you require digital or conventional foiling we have the solutions to provide either, combined with digital print & letterpress!