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Hot Metal Foil Stamping - Conventional Foiling

Conventional Foiling or ‘Hot Metal Foil Stamping is it is often referred to, still has advantages of digital foiling.

Up to B4 size we can foil a much wider range of foils on a wider range of materials including those that are highly textured up to about 1mm thick or about 900gsm.
The process requires a specially made Magnesium Alloy, Brass, Copper Block but the cost is often offset by the speed and accuracy of the press, and especially so with longer print runs where it hen becomes less of a consideration, and can be re-used many times.

Our Heidelberg T-Platen based Hot Foil Stamping solution offers tremendous quality and speed and computer controlled consistency
Special effects such as ‘’Blind Debossing’ (pushed in) and ‘Blind Embossing’ (raised up)
It also provides and option to foil & emboss at the same time (raised Foil Embossing)

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Whether you require conventional foiling or digital, we have the solutions to provide either, combined with digital print & letterpress!