We Love LETTERPRESS and have been involved with the process for over 45 years and still counting.

Based just North of Edinburgh we are ideally placed to service the South East of Scotland and the UK as a whole, indeed we have customers all over the UK, Europe and Middle East.

We believe we are one of only a few genuine ‘Commercial Letterpress Printers’ based in Scotland that offers not only the range of services, but are capable of high volumes of printed materials - which are predominantly ‘Letterpress’ based - and without compromising on quality.

There are many very good letterpress printers in the UK & Scotland producing beautiful work but very few have the capacity to produce large quantities, and when combined with Hot Metal Foiling & specialist finishing almost 100% unique.

Our extensive experience in this area provides our clients with in-depth insight into the production processes to advise on the design and artwork before going to press - more importantly what works and what doesn’t…

Having worked with all of the Premium Paper & Board suppliers we have gained huge experience working with an extensive materials.

So if you have a Letterpress project and need advise on how to proceed or have a project ready to go, why not give us a call...

About us

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