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INVINCIBLE PRESS LTD - Registered in Scotland No: N° SC528958

T: 01337 829380 - M: 07825 808885

Trade Letterpress Print, Hot Metal & Digital Foiling, Die Cutting, Duplexing & Triplexing, Special Finishing...

Letterpress Print and Hot metal foiling onto new sheets or preprinted sheets supplied.

As with our other trade services we can trim to the final size or supply back as flat sheets for further finishing
All standard foils are available from suppliers such as Foilco, Kurz & Philips.
Options such as clear gloss and matt, holographic and special effects

Overprinting of pre-printed sheets to Pantone Matching standards
We also offer Hand Bronzing, which is applying Gold or Silver powder to Metallic Inks to improve the lustre.

Blind Debossing & Blind Embossing as Letterpress Print or Foiling but no ink used, from either a polymer or Magnesium plates

Commercial Trade Services